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Potted Faux Traveller's Ravenala Palm Tree 120cm

$106.20 $118.00

True-to-life details of the Faux Traveller's Palm tree, like its glossy deep green colour and oversized leaves, Designed with the utmost attention to detail. This potted faux palm tree is a convenient eye-catcher for any ensemble and filling out an empty corner or adding that pop of green every room needs.

Nestled inside a traditional round plastic pot, it's the tall stems and lush green leaves that really stand out. Crafted from polyester, iron wire, and plastic, this plant offers a realistic look while staying evergreen without needing to be exposed to sunlight or receive any watering.

Small, thin stems extend upward to reveal a single vibrant green leaf at each tip with this traveller's artificial palm tree. Generous-sized tropical leaves make this a genuine statement piece and keep your home feeling alive and fresh.


  • Weatherproof and UV protected for outdoor use
  • The stems are adjustable, wired, anti-break and flexible
  • Wax coated finish makes the leaves looks real and no fading
  • Lifelike shape, thick texture, high simulation and clear lines
  • Comes with a non-removable plastic pot
  • Environmental protection, dirt-proof and easy to clean


  • Indoor / Outdoor Use: Yes
  • Base Planter: Yes
  • Decorative Pot: Sold separately
  • Manufactured from top quality plastics in 100% botanical imitate technology


  • Primping of branches or leaves required to match the image shown when removed from box.

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